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ERP Software

      Today every small and large business need management because in every business use sales, production, distribution, accounting, human resource, customer services, procurement, and much more services.But, Now how to manage all those services in real time? One person writes a register to manage and the end of year difficult to generate a report but the current world is computer, mobile or digital world.

      So, we help for every business management through ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning) Software. We developed ERP software for integrated management of the core business process, often in real time.ERP is usually business management software that organization can use to collect, store, manage and interpret dates from these many business activities.

Core business process integrated in ERP like:

1.  Database Management System;

2.  Track Business Resource;

3.  Status of Business Commitment;

We focused on large enterprises, small enterprises for use of ERP system.

ERP system covers the following common functional area:

1.  Finance Management;

2.  Accounting Management;

3.  Human Resource Management;

4.  Manufacturing;

5.  Order Processing;

6.  Supply Chain Management;

7.  Project Management;

8.  Customer Management;

      We developed a custom ERP system in real time for customer satisfaction in a different way with a management portal.