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Who We Are ?

      Directors are self-motivated director's. we established kenfotech in January 2017. A company delivering only high-quality products in the IT industry.

        We are reaching in many industries such as Banking, Finance, Education, E-Commerce, SEO, SMO, And ERP Product. we have better experience in website design and development and mobile applications also.





      Our Founder and MD, through the rest of the senior management team, the project managers, co-ordinators and leaders, the development staff and technical support team and those that make sure we all work together in a safe and clean environment.

        If our people are not happy. we try to find it hard to make you happy and believe us. whatever work you choose to give us, then we try to make you fully satisfied.

        Our experience means we know what we are talking about and do it well for customer satisfaction without any problem. we offering a wide range of services and we are happy to offer them all you need in low-cost.

        Please contact us for whatever you want and we will be happy for open discussion with you and see how we can work together.

Why Choose the Kenfotech

Search Engine Optimization

Follows best SEO practices. Title tags & HTML5 rich snippets are used so ensure maximum search engine compatibility as well as indexing.

Multiple Languages Support

If you are looking to build a multilingual websites, our themes perfectly integrate with the WPML plugin.

Business Handling

We have dedicated services or supports teams effectively serving all major areas of organization or companies.

Creative Solution

Creative is relating to involving the use of the imagination or original ideas to create something or change unleashes people's creative energy.

What We Do

        We offer solutions over a lot of areas including solution definition, creative design, product development, and mobile application development. The variety has enabled us to serve every sector of the industry – Banking, Education, Healthcare, Creativity, Business Consultant. In Kenfotech, our efforts are geared towards a single focus – reducing the cost vs. capability ratio, which clients can manage comfortably. Our products are the right mix of business solutions and technical finesse which is reliable and has the potential for expansion. We also give customized solutions that suit your exact unique requirements and scale.

        We provide technical support services as well as full-turnkey design, development, support, maintenance and evolution services in the fields of website design and development and web and mobile applications.

Now Your Thoughts Gets Comes True...

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